Save the Crook Inn Fundraising Thermometer

The Crook Inn Rally


The unique and welcoming Crook Inn has been a popular and attractive destination for over 400 years, regularly frequented by a wide variety of groups and clubs from around the world - motorcyclists, classic car clubs, cyclists, walkers, runners, fisherman and bird of prey owners to name but a few.

A variety of rallies and runs were staged at the Crook Inn over the years leaving locals and visitors with many fond and interesting memories.

As part of our fundraising to buy the Crook Inn we’d like to invite everyone to support our virtual Crook Inn rally.



Prize winners

We are no longer accepting excuses for non-attendance this year but hope to hear lots of good excuses in 2013! If you would like to make a donation to the campaign please use the link above.


Thank you to everyone who entered our rally before Halloween especially those who sent good excuses and photos proving non-attendance beyond a shadow of doubt. Badges, certificates and prizes have now been sent out but may be caught up in the Christmas mail.


The best excuse was given by 3 man Team Fox Hat from the Scottish Association of Vehicle Enthusiasts. They received a Bottle of Cask Strength Bladnoch whisky to compensate for not being able to attend and making us laugh for a very long time...

The entrant which made us most jealous was Tony Hope, now he can enjoy a dram and relive memories of his British Racing Green MGB.

Stuart Porteous from Australia won a subscription to Australian Road Rider magazine for furthest distance not travelled - 10,490 miles.

Peter Jesson has been rewarded with a copy of "Is that Bike a Diesel mate?" by Paul Carter for spotlighting his choice of alternative rally entertainment.

Tim Carter has received a fleece for his Long Way Round entry to keep him warm while he contemplates Kathmandhu.

Julia Ashley will be able to enjoy a Real Classic subscription while recovering from Strip the Willow!

We have plenty of sheep in the vicinty of the Crook so are awarding Geoffrey Bishop our socially responsible prize for such a caring excuse - he'll be able to enjoy 100% Biker while watching his flock!

Richard Downham travelled 360 miles on the day without coming close to reaching the Crook Inn - perhaps "Looking for America" by Ian Mutch will help?

Iain Morton won a Practical Sportsbikes T-shirt for being the most helpful Suzuki owner - thanks for helping publicise our campaign to Save the Crook.

The Bonser family won Two Wheels vouchers for the best family non-attendance.


See for some entries.


It is hoped that we will be able once again to run proper rallies at the Crook Inn in future years and look forward to seeing you there and sharing a pint and rally memories. In the meantime we hope to continue with the non-attendance rally as an annual non-event and fundraiser.

All monies raised will go towards securing the purchase, refurbishment and re-opening of the Crook Inn for everyone to enjoy for years to come.