Save the Crook Inn Fundraising Thermometer



The Tweedsmuir Community Company (TCC) is really excited to announce that as of 5pm, March the 16th 2012, we have secured a binding contract to enable us to buy, renovate and operate The Crook Inn at Tweedsmuir.


The 400 year-old Inn was closed in 2006 and has been the subject of a lengthy campaign by the community to secure ownership in order to reinvigorate it as a viable and enduring part of the Upper Tweeddale community. The Inn is famous for its connections with Robert Burns and the TCC has ambitious plans to bring it back to life as the centre piece of a multipurpose new tourism focus and as a hub for community projects.


The deal with Inverwest Limited gives the TCC and community immediate access to the property under a licence, with a binding contract of sale which must be completed before the end of 2012.